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The Zen Den Pre-Primary & Reading Tuition



A hearty warm welcome to The Zen Den Pre-Primary.  This is where your child can have an empowering experience while getting their education.  It’s a special place, safe, fun and has a classroom full of learning activities that will prepare, develop and enable your child to discover their full potential.

Why the name Zen Den?

The Zen Den originated after I resigned from my full-time teaching career at Montessori Echo School.  I am a qualified English tutor and through my spiritual journey, I have learnt and now understand a lot more about the word ‘Zen’.  For me, this means continually practicing kindness, discipline, compassion, showing calmness, being relaxed and peaceful and most of all being conscious.  To have the wisdom and to be intuitive whenever the opportunity arises. 

I provide physical education through one on one English reading study sessions in a quiet and safe space, in Lakeside Cape Town, South Africa.